Week 11: Jumping off the wagon…

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…and onto the vacation train I did not fall. I jumped! The difference being actually choosing to partake rather than being overwhelmed by temptation or desire. Or so I told myself… ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had looked forward to friday night as a reprieve from this diet. I was going to join in celebrating a friend’s birthday and I […]

On leadership

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Last year, I took a wonderful course at Stanford on Creativity and Leadership. It’s a course offered yearly and based on a book written in 1987. Yup, this gem (whose cover I cringe at but please–trust me–it’s a great book), has been around for 20+ years but it’s a book whose time has come. Skillful leadership in […]

Making things pretty

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The design process illustrated: I’ve often struggled to explain the design process. It’s anything but linear and most folks like a neat row of bullet points that lay out an easy “1-2-3” process. What I do know is the more information I have, the better the solution will be. Information is critical to understanding the challenge […]