Week 4: A car tire, both my cats combined, or a 1-year old

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Answer: things that weigh 20lbs. Eeyup! Any of these could have been attached to my body 4 weeks ago and no longer are (give or take a few ounces). This week brought my total weight loss to just under 20lbs but what I’m more excited about is the difference I feel in my body. I can […]

Week 0: Here’s to being vulnerable

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Above: August 2008 (left) December 2013 (right) Several years ago I went on a medically-supervised diet and lost 120lbs. I got down to 172lbs and loved it! I’ve always been overweight and to feel my body light and strong, to be able to walk into normal clothing stores and buy (almost) whatever I wanted, to […]

23 and 1/2 hours.

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Ack! Alright then! < my initial reaction to this video Backstory: I used to exercise religiously. I would wake up every morning before dawn and walk the 10 minutes to the gym and exercise for an hour and half–50 minutes cardio, the rest strength training and stretching. I lost a lot of weight and loved […]

Grateful Heart: Day 11

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Today I am grateful for my health. Over the past few days, blogs by people who have cancer have been crossing my path. They are extraordinarily touching and inspiring, and a reminder to always “carpe diem”. Several years ago I had my own brush with mortality and can say without a doubt, I am one […]